Improve performance of Cumulative formula


Is there a way to speed up the performance of the below formula, over large dataset it is very slow
Cumulative Net To Collect =

        SUMMARIZE (
            "_1", [Net Cumulative To Collect]
    ),FILTER ( ALLSELECTED(  'Date' ), 'Date'[Date] <= MAX ( 'Date'[Date] ) ))

Prov stock 20_10.pbix (178.4 KB)

This formula is giving incorrect results

I am getting the below error while publishing this to the pbi service.

  • More detailsResource Governing: The memory used by the query exceeded the configured limit. The query or calculations referenced by it might be too memory intensive. Please consider simplifying the query or calculations. If the dataset is hosted on a dedicated capacity/server, you may also reach out to your capacity/server administrator to see if the per-query memory limit can be increased. Additional information: Requested 1048580KB, Limit 1048576KB.

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