Importation of tables containing DAX Calculations for different Measures Tables in the model


I’m wondering if it’s possible to autoload a vast number of measure calcs tables into a Power BI Model.

Essentially I need to build identical models for different clients. The source tables (with Dax Calcs contained within a column) would all have exactly the same column structures (headings, formats etc). Therefore I want a fast rinse and repeat methodology to create all the Key Measures, Time Comparison Measures, Moving Average Measures, Cumulative Sales Measures etc all in one process and in a ‘Best Practice’ structure.

Intuitively, I’m thinking it should be possible to hold all of the Dax Calculations in tables that could be imported into the Data Model. Is this possible? Or do I just need to point the model at alternative source files - refresh - save as - and repeat for each different client.



I know we go away from Sam’s solutions for this but I have seen a way to copy measures from another Power BI Guru - try this



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