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Imagine the Possibilities of Data Products with Power BI

Hey, everyone! The second episode of The Analytic Mind podcast is out. This time, Jarrett Moore talks to Sam McKay on how he scaled a data analytics system for his own company and built a separate data product on top of it.

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love the podcast :slight_smile:

Hi @sam.mckay, @JarrettM

Very interesting discussion you both had, thanks for sharing with us.
It is nice to hear about experiences around BI development in/out one’s organization and know which kind of opportunities we could be able to reach with Power BI !

What intrigue me a lot is the web-application Jarrett was talking about where end-users could log in and access the final embedded.
A few months ago, in another post with @BrianJ and other people we were discussing that “Publish to web” was not a secure way of sharing data.

So it might be very useful if we could have further details about how this way-around is done and understand how it is “by-passing” the “Publish to web” security limits…

Best regards,

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