IF function to switch measure using same criteria for selected value as in the visual

Hello DNA community,

I have an issue with the use of the IF statement. (Well not really the IF since its more a visual problem. See print screen attach:
1- Is the amount in CHF that should appear in 2
2- Is this formula // Amount MC AC Rates = IF([Market selected] = “ESL Group” ; [CHF AC GC Argo CC Integra Argo AY Rates] ;[MC AC CCamount conversion Argo AY Rates]) //
3- The Market Criteria in the visual.

I m using this formula so that if no market is selected we get “ESL Group” which should lead then to use the [CHF AC GC Argo CC Integra Argo AY Rates] from the previous IF measure.

Market Selected = SELECTEDVALUE('Cost Center'[Market] ; "ESL Group")

But, since the Market is in the SELECTEDVALUE measure and in the Visual, I always get a false to my IF function.

I tried to remove the filter with the All measure but then it doesn’t split by market in my visual (Same amount for all markets)

The point here is really to get the data of the Group in CHF by market, but then be able to filter a market and get the amount in SEK for Sweden (for exmemple)

Nay ideas :blush:


Mark Lovejoy

Was able to find a solution.

Market Selected =
    SELECTEDVALUE ( 'Cost Center'[Market], "ESL Group" ),
    ALLSELECTED ( 'Cost Center'[Market] )


Mark Lovejoy