I Need Help Creating a PBI visual using Python - Forecast Model

I am starting a project to create a prediction model of work hours. The goal of this project is to use documented work hours needed to complete a major project throughout the year. There might be 3 projects in a year that take 4 months each to complete and there are 4 teams tracking their hours. The point of this is to predict future hours needed to complete the next project, and this will help determine if the project end date is correct or if the hours put in will not be enough. I also wanted to add a modifying tool, if the managers of the teams feel there will be more work for a certain project, they can increase the projected hours by percentage. So there can be a percentage modifying tool, and if a manager things there will be 25% more work involved, they can click 25% and it would adjust the linear regression line to be more accurate.

Here is recording explaining with the data and sketch of what I hope to accomplish: https://www.loom.com/share/cb8c3db461d941e6a88eab65fe936026

Resource Prediction Tools.xlsx (22.7 KB)

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