How would I create a measure to select vehicles that have driven less than 3km/day for >3 Consecutive days


I have a report that has 3 columns Date, Vehicle, Kms Travelled.

I also have a date table attached.

Looking for the easiest measure that would only show any vehicle that have been driven less than 3km a day for greater than 3 consecutive days and filter out the rest.

Thanks in advance for any help



How are you looking to showcase this calculation?

For example are you looking to have each vehicle number in a table and how many totals kms it’s travelled.

It might not be this but ultimately need to know how to calculation would be represented to give the right solution.

Within visuals you can’t just have a list with no value (or measure) next to it. The measure we put in there will complete the filtering and blank out all the rest.

The idea will be to iterate through all the records for each vehicle and evaluate each row. If the drive is less that 3km then we need to assess each row after that for the required days.

There’s a bit to it but will like use logic within some type of iterating function I would say.