How to sign up to the forum for Enterprise DNA Membership holders


Just thought I would run through how to sign up to the support forum. Apologize for any initial confusion (I’m just getting use to this new platform myself)

Firstly as a reminder, you need to have an Enterprise DNA Membership to sign up and receive support (or have previously purchased the 'Definitive Guide to Power BI bundle - they are the same thing)

I have attempted many different ways to somehow combine and link the log in here to the log in details to Enterprise DNA Online (the main on-demand course portal) but unfortunately at this time I’ve been unable to find a way that works.

So with an Enterprise DNA Membership you get access to both these sites you just at the moment have to create two different log ins. This isn’t ideal I know, but I haven’t found any way to successfully link this two sites.

I’m sorry about this, I will continue to look for a solution here, but in the meantime you will need to create a separate account for this forum. I recommend setting both log in details the same (but up to you obviously).

Hopefully that clears it up for now. If you have any questions certainly reply to this post.

Chrs, Sam

Join the forum and introduce yourself

Thanks Sam. As long as my new Forum account has the benefits from my Enterprise DNA Membership account, I am fine with having the two logins!


Yep absolutely. It’s all combined as one. Everything is detailed at my latest blog post -

Chrs, Sam


Thanks for all Sam,
it would be a great tool


Sam, not to bother you but just an FYI: my authentication email landed in my work Gmail spam filter, apparently there’s

“This message has a from address in but has failed’s required tests for authentication”. Just wanted to let you know in case you’ve got a setting awry. Cheers.


Thanks for letting me know, I’ll investigate.