How to show variance from one year to the next

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What I’m trying to accomplish:

Looking for a way to show the prior year variance between each grouping and have the ability to sort in descending order by PY$
Please advise of any additional questions
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eDNA Solution - Sample Data Measures for CY_PY.pbix (109.8 KB)

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Hi @ambidextrousmentally - Requirement is not clear. Can you elaborate further.

Ankit J

Hello Ankit J

I hope the additional information below provides the clarity you need.

Per the .pbix attached,

Screenshot 1

Re: vs PY highlighted below, I’m trying to add a vs PY column in the matrix for Screenshot 2


Screenshot 2

Also, wondering if I can reverse the month year in the matrix, per the attached .pbix

The current view is 202201 vs 202301

How would I change to 202301 vs 202201?


Much appreciate your time!

Thank you

Hello Ankit J

Uploaded a new sample .pbix with measure for Actual/CY$

Please advise of any additional questions.

eDNA Solution - Sample Data Measures for CY_PY_Updated.pbix (110.0 KB)

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Hi @ambidextrousmentally - Please find the solution attached. I have created a new Date Table and added few columns to do it.

eDNA Solution - Sample Data Measures for CY_PY_Updated (1).pbix (182.7 KB)

Ankit J

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