How to select more than one table from a file when importing identical files from a folder

Thanks a lot, @Melissa for your patience with me, and much appreciated your valuable time helping me.

Please, in this step here:

You select the query from the left (The small red arrow on the left side) and then did the filter (the big red arrow in the middle), but I am afraid that this is not what I may need (apologize if I expressed what I want in the wrong way), as I want to have all contents from tbl_BalanceSheet_Statement from all files expanded and being displayed in the query when I point or click on the query (like the query marked with yellow, it shows only the contents of the 1st file only “Company A” and I need all companies to be shown in that query.

Like this:

This query shows Company A only, but I want all other companies to be shown and included in that query.

Thanks a lot :slight_smile:

I figured you could find those sideward arrows on the Data column in the header, my bad. Your data is there only need to expand that column and optionally do some additional transformations.

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