How to have pivoted year and month in order

Hi Team,

I tried to pivot in power query as per fiscal year and fiscal period.

I got the incorrect order for FY and FP as attached.

I also included expected result. I do not mind if the result heading are in month Year or FYFP as long as they are in order for 2 fiscal years.

Thank you.
QFYFPSorting.xlsx (31.6 KB)



See if this works for you:

I created a concatenation of fiscal year and fiscal period, but padded the single date months with a zero so they would sort properly, then pivoted on that column using the Amount column as the values in the new created columns.

I hope this is helpful. Full solution file attached.

– Brian
eDNA Forum - Pivot Data Solution.pbix (28.3 KB)

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Many thanks, Brian.
This is what I need, nice and sweet.