How to filter column with values that are IN and that are Not in another column of same table

Hello ,

I have Delivery table that consist of delivery site call sign (DEL_SITE col 1) and receipt site call sign (REC_SITE col2) columns where i need to filter few records which are not in delivery site call sign and which are in receipt site call sign and call that as ex-gretna.

Ex-Gretna Volumes = REC_SITE in (EP, YP, QU, KB, GF) and DEL_SITE NOT in (EP, YP, QU, KB, GF)

and i need to use that ex-gretna as slicer selection for the user.
how can i show this logic using dax?

any help will be appreciated.



Here’s a video that provides a good summary of the use of the IN() function in DAX that I think you’ll find helpful:

If that doesn’t fully address your question, please post your PBIX file which will alllow us to provide a more specific solution.

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Thank you Brian.

It worked.