How to cut a Text from a specific character



I have a column country Long that have a list of country formated such as :

I want to have in another column country short , values such as :

I have tried the following but return an error ,
Country* = LEFT([country_long];FIND("-"; [country_long];1;0)-1)

“An argument of Function LEFT has a wrong Data Type , or has an invalid value”

while FIND("-"; [country_long];1;0)-1 brings back 8 has value for Germany-Europe , i cannot parse it into the LEFT function , i have tried Value() around it but same error returned.



What I do is: From within the Query editor right click on the column and select replace values. In the popup put -Europe in the Value to find box and put nothing in the replace with box. Select OK and the column is trimmed



Hello GuyJohnson ,

Thanks , I also thought about that , but would not be a sustainable solution, in long term, just a shortcut , more to that all countries are not based in Europe , so would have to repeat it for as many as item type needed to be removed.



Then what I would do, assuming that the data has the same look Country-Continent is to split the column to the left of the - and then remove the column you don’t need.



Thanks Guy Johnson , it’s actually working perfectly as expected .


Happy to help.

On a side note you could split the -Continent column and keep the Continent and remove the column with the - in it.

That way the continent is available if you ever need to slice the data based on the continent.