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How to Connect to a Folder, Data types and Columns Correctly

HI have tried unsuccessfully to ingest this folder. What am i doing wrong. The data types are the same, the column headings are the same.

Power (220.4 KB)

Hi @SammiP,

Hard to tell what went wrong because you did not provide a work in progres file… however I expect the error you are experiencing is because of a hard coded table name in the key match lookup of the Navigation step in the Transform Sample File query.

Update the FolderLocation parameter and you should be good to go.
Here’s your sample:
Combine Power Outage.pbix (12.8 KB)

I hope this is helpful

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Hi Melissa,

Thank you so much for trying to help me. I still can’t figure out what I am doing?

See the ingest folder.

InjestFolder.pbix (14.4 KB)

I still can’t connect. Please help me understand.

Hi @SammiP,

When you went through the “From Folder” steps, you chose a sample file and from that specific file selected ‘its table’. This hard coded that tabel name in the “Transform Sample File” query.

This code structure, in the formula bar, is known as: key match lookup

The fact that all Excel “table names” aren’t unified, like: “Outages” for example but they all have unique names is causing your issue. BUT since all files (you’ve supplied) only contain one, singel Excel table, its “relatively” save to remove the hard coded: Item = “PO_22_Jan”

I hope this explains it more clearly.


Hi Melissa,

Thanks so much for helping. How does one not hard code the tables when connect to a folder using the connector other than changing all the table names?

Kind Regards

Or remove the entire key match lookup section, only “Source” will remain and build your own filter logic that will uniquely identify the tables across all your files

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