How to calculate Different percentages for 50 Localgoverment

I have 50 local authorities and I want to get and display at the same time what each of them contributed in percentage and the overall percentage. Such that if you select a local authority its contribution vs overall contribution should displayed at the same time. Example

Local government name is Jos
what Jos contributed is 35%
Overall contribution of the remaining 49 local governement is 80%

How can I write a DAX formula to calculate the above problem



We can better answer this question with some more details, or a sample PBIX file. You gave a brief example, but how can 1 company contribute 35%, and the other 49 contribute 80%? Example doesn’t equal total contribution of 100%




I do not comprehend the 35% and 80% either, but is what you can see in the image what you want to achieve?
It shows the percentage of the top 10 within the top 10 and by proportion of Total Sales.

Omzet ALLselected = CALCULATE([Your measure];ALLSELECTED(Your table))

% omzet binnen top 10 = DIVIDE([Top 10 klanten];[Omzet ALLselected])



Thank you. Solved