How to ask support questions on the forum


Please have a read through some of my tips for asking questions on the forum before you leave any. This will really help a lot in getting the correct answers to you in the shortest time possible and will also help others who may come across your question/s tomorrow, next month, or two years from now.

Just a couple of details

A ‘topic’ is like a support question
‘Categories’ are like the filing system for all the questions on the forum

Tips for asking questions

  1. Before asking a question certainly check via the search functionality if it has been answered before (obviously in the early days of the forum it might not be)

  2. Please break out separate questions into separate topics

  3. When thinking of a topic title name, think about what you would likely type into google search to get the answer. This will help a lot for the future.

  4. Please make sure the topic is tagged in the correct category. For example a DAX formula question is tagged in the ‘DAX Calculations’ category

  5. Please provide as much context to a question as possible. In Power BI it’s never as simple as ‘why isn’t my formula working?’. It could be many things including the data, the model, the formula, the filter context etc. So, to get good answers just post as much detail about the issue or question as possible.

  6. Please be patient, this isn’t an on-demand forum. Response times will likely be anywhere between 12-48 hours.

  7. If you find a solution to your questions before they’re answered please let us know so that time isn’t spent on something you’ve already worked out. If you have the time to add your solution to you question that would also be great.

  8. Please remember the forum is not a free development service or on-demand coaching service. It’s to assist your learning around how to complete Power BI development yourself. We will do as much as reasonable to help, but if there is some learning to be done, you may be directed to relevant tutorials to learn this yourself rather than having answers continuously delivered to you.

I think that’s it for now. It’s early days with the forum so I might update these periodically in the future.

Any questions, certainly let me know here.


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