How I create forum content quickly and efficiently using audio dictation

With the forum growing so fast and so much great content being placed up into it, I thought it would be a great idea to show you how I create a lot of content quite quickly using audio dictation.

We want the forum to become the virtual brain of the Enterprise DNA community and if we could find a way to optimize the way we get the knowledge and experience out of all of our members in a really fast and efficient way we are all going to benefit from that so much. So that’s why it would be a really good idea to review this video and see how I do it.

Maybe this will improve your own work process or workflow for other things you do as well…

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Here’s a written break down of the video

So what I thought I just do is just quickly show you how you can create really quick Forum threads and how I actually do it.

Sometimes, quite a lot of times actually, especially if I’m working on a mobile device or I want to give a longer answer I usually do it by audio recording like narration rather than actually typing it out because I find that typing it out actually takes a bit longer.

With writing I’m more likely to be pedantic around my formatting stuff but we want the forum to be more conversational and it just doesn’t have to be perfect for everything written down.

We’re working on lots of lots of cool ideas around how we could embed audio how we could get more video conversations going between the community, between members etc.

And I think that’s the way it’s going. Sort of more conversational.

So say I wanted to write something within the challenge…what I do isI go to Microsoft Office. I presume most of you must do you have a 365 subscription…then I go to Word and I create a new document here.

I mean you can actually do this a few ways. Like honestly, there’s tools and and plugins and stuff that do this. But I find that the Microsoft Word is actually pretty good. And so if I come in here you can see up the top in the toolbar you can dictate. I click on the dictation icon and I then I just say what I want written.

Okay, so then I basically copy and paste it into the forum the text that I dictate after a few updates.

If there’s a few errors in your forum threads it doesn’t matter It’s just about trying to get as much great stuff out of your mind for the Forum and thinking of the Forum this brain of the Enterprise DNA community…this is how I think about it.

You know, it’s probably about 90% perfect. It’s still quicker than me writing stuff out. And so I recommend it. I do it on my iPad as well.

Okay, I’ll stop recording here and hopefully you enjoy you enjoyed me. Just showing you how I do things.


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