How do I reference today() in Power BI, same as excel?


Just a quick question… What is the DAX function equivalent to Excel’s TODAY()?
I created this custom column and I want to make the date as always the date today…

= Table.AddColumn(#"Changed Type1", "Is Today", each if [datStart.1] = #date(2016, 11, 3) then "1" else "0" )

It depends. If you are writing a Measure the function is Today (), but if you are adding a custom column in Power Query ( Query Editor in Power BI) it is DateTime.FixedLocalNow(). Here is a website where you can see all of the Query M functions as a reference:



Ok this isn’t too difficult here. I think first of all you need to reconfirm where you write DAX, as what you have above isn’t DAX but the query editor language.

DAX uses the same syntax as TODAY().

For Query Editor, you could create a new column and use DateTime.LocalNow() syntax.