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Help with DAX Code

Hi All,

I want to calculate the percentage of tickets resolved within Service Level Agreement. I wrote the following DAX code:
resolved tickets within SLA =
VAR tickets = Count(tickets[ticketID])
VAR allgood = Calculate([resolution])
Calculate(DIVIDE(allgood, tickets,0)

The result is in percentage. Is this code correct? or did I miss any step?

Thank you,

Sorry the column [resolution] contains “False”. That is where the resolution is false.

Hi Chuk,

Why are you using variables here, are they necessary? Also, one thing I’ve found is that when I’m grabbing case data, sometimes, depending on the system I’m pulling from, there are multiple listings for ticketID, so I’d do it a little different based on the information you’ve given so far.


Total Tickets = DISTINCTCOUNT(‘Tickets’[ticketID])
Within SLA = CALCULATE ( COUNT (‘Tickets’ [resolution]), ‘Tickets’ [resolution] = “True”)

SLA % = DIVIDE( Within SLA, Total Tickets, 0)

I hope this helps,


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