Help on Dax logic affecting only for one context value not impacting others

Hi All,

Here is the Requirement.

I have two sources coming from excel spreadsheet (Dimension) and Oracle database(Fact).

excel spreadsheet has two sheet one has capability information and another sheet has facility group,


i have a Matrix table data coming from both spreadsheet and view( OAR_DLVRY_FCLTY_ALCTN_V) relationship is many to many

but there is this logic based on Facility group.(Grouping Should be done with Delivery facility code and Remote facility)i thought i can merge two spreed sheet into one and create custom column but my numbers doesn’t look correct. and this Facility Group should be used in my Matrix table containing data from both excel and View.

shows double the volume. so i guess it should be done by other means or using dax.

here logic:

if[Facility Code] =“CHICAPPL” and [Remote facility] = “CHICAPPL” then “CHICAPPL”

if[Facility Code] =“CHICAPPL” or [Remote facility] = “PDVMWLT” then “PDVMWLT”
and this applies to only for this one “Chicap” and other should remain same.

and remote facility use is only for this condition only for chicap and it shouldn’t not impact other. but when i try to merge between two spreadsheets(capability / facility group) in order to get remote facility
my numbers are not right showing double the volume.

if i create dax calculated column numbers are also not right me something wrong with the relationships…

calculated column:

if[Facility Code] =“CHICAPPL” && [Remote facility] = “CHICAPPL” , “CHICAPPL”

if[Facility Code] =“CHICAPPL” || [Remote facility] = “PDVMWLT” , “PDVMWLT” , " [Facility Code] "

Delivery Feeder Capability.xlsx (22.3 KB)
Nomination_Test.pbix (3.4 MB)

how can we deal with such requirement?

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Hi @Priya

I am not sure about the requirement but based on description, I have created a new Table by performing Merge b/w Delivery_Feeder Capability and Facility Grouping in Power Query.

New table will have same records as Delivery_Feeder Capability except for CHICAPPL that will have two rows one for CHICAPPL and other for PDVMWLT.

Below is the PQ

    Source = Table.NestedJoin(#"Delivery_Feeder Capability_source", {"Facility Code"}, #"Facility Grouping", {"Delivery Facility"}, "Facility Grouping", JoinKind.LeftOuter),
    #"Expanded Facility Grouping" = Table.ExpandTableColumn(Source, "Facility Grouping", {"Remote Facility"}, {"Remote Facility"}),
    Custom1 = Table.AddColumn(#"Expanded Facility Grouping","Facility Code1",each if [Facility Code] = "CHICAPPL" and [Remote Facility] = "CHICAPPL" then "CHICAPPL" else if [Facility Code] = "CHICAPPL" and [Remote Facility] = "PDVMWLT" then "PDVMWLT" else [Facility Code]),
    #"Removed Columns" = Table.RemoveColumns(Custom1,{"Facility Code", "Remote Facility"}),
    #"Renamed Columns" = Table.RenameColumns(#"Removed Columns",{{"Facility Code1", "Facility Code"}}),
    #"Removed Duplicates" = Table.Distinct(#"Renamed Columns")
    #"Removed Duplicates"

Please check and let me know if this is helpful or other changes that may be required.

EDNA_Nomination_Test_Solution.pbix (3.4 MB)

Ankit J

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Hi Ankit,

Thanks for your response. i was able to fix the logic but cannot use it. there is a requirement gap at my client side which we are still working on. they have to provide remote facility column in both fact table (delivery feeder capability spreadsheet and OAR_DLVRY_FCLTY_ALCTN_V) without that i cannot use that logic for facility group. and there is lot of discrepancy with the data.

sorry to respond this late.i appreciate your time.

Thanks for your support and EDNA.


Hi @Priya

No Issues, Let me know if I can help further.

Ankit J