Getting Totals correct


Hi Sam, I viewed the video on “Getting totals correct…” and wanted to correct my formula but still not able to get this right. Can you please help me to fix the issue here.

Table output contains Geo wise - number of customers which has only 1 service lines. The rows numbers are right but the Total only is not coming up properly in the last 2 columns.

Service Line 1 (column) is simple calculate measure and Service 1 total is using your logic of hasonevalue etc…


What do you need the total to be?

What’s the Service Line 1 formula?

What totals are they returning right now do you think?


The Table should have Number of Customers Column total as 10503 (this column as all Service lines categories consolidated )

Service Line 1 = Total should be 8527 but shows only 8498.
When I used the HasONEVALUE - each row is considered as 8498 and showing the Total as 59486.

Ideally Total - 10503 8527 8527 (should look like this) - Row level Data is right the total is what is not correct.


I look over this many times and struggling to find a solution.

Will need more information.

What do your model look like?

Are there any other filters on these calculations that you haven’t mentioned yet?

Please also provide images of data if you can.



Thanks for the update. I found the issue in data not in the DAX formula. There are duplicates customers within GEO as well as across GEO. So when I use DISTINCTCOUNT in formula the numbers are not matching properly but when I change them to COUNTA, it works fine.

Thanks a lot.


Ok great. Thanks for letting me know.