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Getting the data from onedrive and google drve


How can I fatch the data from onedrive and google drive into query editor.



I think you’ll find these two videos to be helpful in answering your question:

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The short version for OneDrive:

You are going to need to retrieve the “resid” and “authkey” from the Excel file you want to access by going to your OneDrive file, right-click, click “Embed”, in the pop-out click “Generate” which will generate the “resid” and “authkey” that is embedded in the generated iframe code.

It will look something like this:

Add the generated “resid” and “authkey” to the link below, replacing the XXX.

In Power BI, from “Get Data” choose “Web” and enter the URL.

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my apologies for the delayed response, I was travelling and therefore count not reply.

I was successful in getting data from google sheet but not able to get the data from onedrive for business, I was getting the error “Unable to connect, Access to the remote is forbidden”

And for one drive personal, it was connecting but it says no tables found in the sheet.

I would be really thankful I you can assist me in this.

Many Thanks,

Here’s an article on how to resolve that specific error.

  • Brian

I was successfully able to connect an individual sheet from onedrive personal and business both. Now my question is, can we get the data from all the sheets in the onedrive folder (personal and business both). My client put a seperate file for the sales data for every month in that folder.

I have found some videos which explain how to get the same from onedrive business but I have found nothing on onedrive personal.

Please if you can advise.


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