Fuzzy Matching and Group Single Column

I’m working with a shipment data set and am looking for a solution to group slight variations in the data. For example, company name may vary between shipments, (ABC Co. vs. A.B.C. Company) or an address is entered with an inconsistent abbreviation (St. vs Street). Is there a way to utilize fuzzy matching on a single column to group these similar entries?

Unfortunately there’s not really a way to work with this in either the data model or with DAX calculations.

The idea is to try to fix all of these issues within the query editor. This can certainly be frustrating and is a little bit of a grind but the great thing is you only need to fix this up once in the query editor and then it’s done, it will be automated after that point.

To try to get around this any other way post bringing the data into your model would overcomplicate things and is basically impossible.

So there would be a little bit of work to do but as I say it’s definitely the way to go. This is what the query editor has been built for, this type of thing.