Format a DD/MM/YYYY date in a measure

I have need to convert an accounting period into a date and it is not formatting properly.
This calculation is to get the first day of the month of the calendar date that the accounting transaction falls in. e.g. 01/mm/yyyy

The DAX I have is:

Transaction Date =
VAR vLyEndMonth = MONTH(MAX(Company[NextYearEnd]))
VAR vLyEndYear = YEAR(MAX(Company[NextYearEnd]))
VAR vTranMM = MONTH(SELECTEDVALUE(NlTransactionSummary[mm]))
VAR vTranYY = YEAR(SELECTEDVALUE(NlTransactionSummary[YY]))
VAR vYeMM = IF(vLyEndMonth + vTranMM > 12, vLyEndMonth - 12, vLyEndMonth)
VAR vYeYY = IF(vLyEndMonth + vTranMM > 12, vLyEndYear - 1, vLyEndYear)
VAR vYeDate = "01" & "/" & vYeMM & "/" & vYeYY

The issue is with the month part of the date is not formatting properly. I am getting, for example, -9 for September instead of 09.

Any help greatly appreciated.

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Hello @PaulBoyes,

I would try to add a Date Column using Power Query and use that in DAX.
Is this possible with your model?

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You can use FORMAT() to format and/or return parts of a date.
STARTOFMONTH() as the name suggests, returns the first date of the month.

Measure = FORMAT(STARTOFMONTH(‘Transactions’[Date]),“MM”) //Returns 09 for September.

Measure2 = STARTOFMONTH(‘Transactions’[Date]) //Returns the first date of month for Transaction Date.

Just to build on what @marcster_uk sent , here are some pre-defined time format

"General Date" -
Displays a date and/or time. For example, 3/12/2008 11:07:31 AM. Date display is determined by your application’s current culture value.

"Long Date" or “Medium Date” -
Displays a date according to your current culture’s long date format. For example, Wednesday, March 12, 2008.

"Short Date" -
Displays a date using your current culture’s short date format. For example, 3/12/2008.

"Long Time" -
Displays a time using your current culture’s long time format; typically includes hours, minutes, seconds. For example, 11:07:31 AM.

"Medium Time" -
Displays a time in 12 hour format. For example, 11:07 AM.

"Short Time" -
Displays a time in 24 hour format. For example, 11:07.

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