Forecast Accurate Results


Hi All,

I Tried to do some forecasting for the (New Customer analysis showcase), here is the forecasting setting I did inside line chart:



The Line Chart Is not accepting month&year or any other suggested fields to do the forecasting but only (date) field, anyway Here is the results I got after testing the forecast:

The forecasting (in black) is far behind the actual data, what sort of processes steps I take to make the forecasting more accurate? How I can get the % of accurasy ?


I’m a bit confused on this?

What are you actually trying to achieve here?

I do believe this likely only accepts dates in the axis, because that’s likely how the forecasting feature has been set up to use.

What are you actually trying to showcase with accuracy here?

The forecast is like further back because you have chosen to ignore the last 10 months. That’s my guess.


What are you actually trying to achieve here?

I would like to practice forecasting using power bi. My Target is to forecast in Monthly basis but the forecasting not accepting the month number.

Instead, I put the Date on the axis, the Ignore I put it because I want to make sure the forecasting is correct by comparing it with the actual value. If (Ignore) is not the right choice how I make sure the forecasting is accurate?