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Force Import Refresh (outside of the scheduled imports)

Hi all,

Does anyone know whether you can force an import refresh in the powerbi service outside of the 48x a day? Perhaps using an API call, Powershell or something?

I can’t use direct query in my case because the calculations are too complex, so I’m stuck with Import. Even push datasets are ruled out because they can’t be mixed with other types of datasets.

I’m on a premium capacity tennant.



This question has come up a few times before .

Would any of this help ?

i dont think there is a way that exists for what you are trying to achieve without using 3rd party tool. I had a similar question and this was one of the possible option

your other option could be to use direct query but be mindful of performance implications.
you can refer this thread for additional info

Microsoft flow or microsoft automate is another option

Also there was a suggestion by @ankit

let me know if this helps.

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Well it seems there are two ways:

  1. using xmla endpoint, but not sure how that would work using azure somehow to automate this. In that case it doesn’t count the max amount of refreshes per day.
  2. flow it says it should be possible, but I read very conflicting things where in some places it says up to 48 times in premium and sometimes it says based on the capacity …

So, I’ll be trying this over the weekend using flow and try it 50 times … Let you know how that turns out (then at least we know what happens).

Hi @Wlknsn !

In regards to your question refreshing with Api’s, I found two similar questions in the Power BI Forum, I attached the links for you.

Let me know if this help you.


Hi @Wlknsn

Regarding your question, there are multiple ways to perform a Power BI Datasets refresh outside Power BI as shared by other members.

However, which ever way you do the refresh the limit of 48 for premium will remain.

Ankit J

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Except for using the XMLA endpoint, but I currently don’t seem to know of a way to pass on a command to this using for example flow (or other custom code). I see powershell and azure automation mentioned but little documentation.