Five Strategies To Enhance Your DAX In Power BI

Full presentation below:

5 Strategies to Enhance Your DAX (or M) Toolbox Final.pdf (1.1 MB)

Downloadable resource:
DAX and M Functions of the Day v1.1.pbix (220.5 KB)

DAX and M Function List:
DAX and M Functions Lists - June 2020.xlsx (26.7 KB)

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Hi @BrianJ

Great video with extremely good strategies. Got a Shout Out in “Guy in a Cube” weekly Roundup also.

Looking forward to more such videos.

Ankit J


Thanks so much for the feedback - really glad to hear you found this useful. It’s a topic I’m really passionate about and fascinated by.

The original version of this video was 10 minutes longer (waaaayyy too long…) and I had to cut some stuff I thought was pretty cool. One of those things was an excerpt of the deliberate practice routine of NBA MVP Steph Curry. You know that when hundreds of people show up two hours early to watch you practice that you’re probably doing something right…

  • Brian

Congrats Brian on the shout out. Your fame is growing…

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