Finanical Reporting in Power BI - FY Month Sort


Hi Sam
So in your Financial Reporting videos in Power BI, (around the 50 mins mark) you shows changes around Quarters etc. I’ve done this exact same for “FY Month Sort”. But not sure why Ive googled this but when I do quarters your way I get number till Q5.

now I’ve used SWITCH function on column for "FY Month Sort and this shows everthing for Q4. and the metadata correctly shows up till Q4. How comes i’m not getting the correct Q4 with your way. See below my way.

Just appreciate if u could give me some more context where I’m going wrong.
Thanks in advance Shrik :smile:



Can I see the formula your using that’s producing the Q5?



Sorry I see the formula now. Working on this now


I think this might be the issue.

This is the correct formula

FY Quarter Sort = INT( ( Dates[FY Month Sort] + 2 ) / 3 )

Missing brackets in places. See if this solves it.


Ahh! Awesome!
Works fine ! Thanks for identifying this.