Financial Templates

Hi Fellow Power BI Users -

Just got off the Financial Template members event and had a question. I need to get You Tube Channel I guess.

Anyway you mentioned doing the balance sheet template later which would be great.

My question is do you see bringing in a Trial Balance with YTD figures more useful in doing both a BS and Income Statement or monthly figures for the BS as well. Obviously, you would have to calculate monthly figures at some point. But, the BS requires YTD/Life to Date figures anyway.

I’ve been stumped on the best way and wanted your thoughts.

Great presentation tonight by the way! Much easier than other solutions.



Hi Richard,

I do need to get onto to re-creating this to really nail down the best way.

Intuitively though I would start with monthly (if it’s possible) because it very easy to move from monthly to YTD numbers, while the reverse of that isn’t really true.

That would be how I would approach it definitely.

Still need to work up a balance sheet. Hopefully can get to this in the next couple of months