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Financial Reporting w/ Power BI

Hello Friends,
I’m really enjoying the wholesomeness of the resource provided here. I have been struggling in creating financial (Income Statement - P&L). I have followed thru with Sam’s teaching in his Financial Reporting w/ Power BI class…I’m still having a hard time overcoming the struggle I have in the development of the templates using AdventureWorksDW data.
AdventureWorksDW2020.xlsx (529.8 KB)

My intention is to create a financial statement (P&L Statement) using AdventireWorksDW data but I can not seem to find my way around it when it comes to creating a template like what Sam was showing.

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Can I recomend a tool like for financial reporting… You can build a P&L in 10 minutes!!!

I hope this helps.

Federico Pastor


Hello @Cheusi , just following up if the response above help you solve your inquiry?

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