Financial Reporting in PowerBi


In my PnL statements, it breakdowns into few main categories as follow:-
-Other Income
-Staff Cost
-Other Expenses

Please advise how could I insert Gross Profit (ie Revenue - COGS) in the PnL statements in PowerBi. In addition, how could I present the above in sequence and add in the additional row measures of gross profit and net profit.



Unfortunately there is no easy way to complete this currently.

I’ve seen a way to create subtotals but I don’t particular like it that much as it’s way too complex.

The best examples I have currently are below. I will also be covering financial reporting again during the next learning summit event.

This is the best blog post I’ve seen on the subject, but for me it’s too complex, so I try to simplify it quite a bit.

I’m sure MS will be looking improving this (hopefully asap)

I’m certainly continuing to look for the best solution here. As soon as I have one I will be sharing it with all members.