Financial Reporting Balance Sheet with Same Headings Current V Non Current

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I was following the Balance Sheet template example and often the financials prepared have similar names in both Current and Non Current. Given the Switch statements look for the text name in the template you cant have for example Inventory in Current and Non Current sections as it will repeat.

Has anyone worked out a way to make this work?

I have attached an example where I have added the switch statement for the current assets but as you can see if the name is the same it will obviously repeat in both Current and Non Current section if text name is the same.

Unfortunately, in the raw data there is no account type dimension that specifies what is current and non current account but the numbering is used by the client to indicate this as follows:
1-1000 to 1-4999 is Current
1-5000 to 1-9999 is Non Current

Here is the image for review

Hi, I just ended up putting a full stop in the normalised column and kept the name the same this did the trick!

Nice one, yes that is an interesting scenario I didn’t account for in the example. I like the solution though

Hi everybody,

I have a data table with daily cash balances that I would like to present in quarterly, monthly, and year values in a visual. BI will add the daily amounts which I include my cash column in a visual. I am sure somebody has answered my question but I am not figuring it out.


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Can you please start another thread for new questions.

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You issue sounds a lot like just simple time intelligence techniques. Check out here for more information on time intelligence.