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Financial Report Templates

You helped me previously with calculating accumulated balance sheet figures which was very helpful.

In the same accounting system users have the ability to generate their own templates for Revenues and Balance Sheet reporting. I want to create reports by interpreting the templates.

I have gone through your on line videos on financial reporting using templates but the methodology is a little different so I am really struggling with the DAX.

I have attached the pbix file so you can see how it is intended to work.

If you look at either of the Template tables you will see how we envisage it.

  1. The template should be processed in Sequence order

  2. There are three line types:
    a) Header - Just simple text.
    b) Data - the data is to be calculated as the sum of table NlTransactionsPosted Amount
    column. The NominalCode is the relationship in both tables.
    c) Calculated - data is calculated from related Sequence Line and it allows use of a number of operation codes:
    adr (same as add but add a range of lines.
    cpy (simply copy from another location)

If you could assist with examples of how the DAX should be constructed for each line type I should be very grateful.

PaulAccounts.pbix (1.3 MB)

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Hi Paul,

I believe the Financial Reporting covers in quite a lot of detail exactly what you are looking for.

From what I can tell you aren’t using templates in your tables…

If you want to get a certain order and custom table then you really need to use the template approach covered in the course module.

Here’s a few videos to review.

This is an example of the type of formula you need

But it depend on your exact requirements.

From what I can currently see this technique isn’t being used and enables the full customization that you are likely after.

This entire course above is what you want to focus on for this type of analysis in Power BI.


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