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We’re relaunching the @Finance Ecosystem this month. Everything will be public this month within the forum.

Tell us about:

  • What you’re working on?
  • Something interesting Power BI related to your industry/job role
  • Any relevant challenges you’ve solved recently

This Ecosystems thread is a great opportunity to collaborate with others in community dealing with similar things to you.

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Hi @BrianJ, @AllisterB, @Bare, @CStaich, @GarryA, @Hesham, @jpratt, @marcster_uk, @Nick_M, @ojones, @Finance, @FinanceEcosystem, we aim to consistently improve the Enterprise DNA Ecosystems by upgrading a centralized location of talented Power BI users and analyst with others in similar industries or business functions through the forum. With this, we aim to help you find an avenue where you can collaborate and connect within the forum. Interested to hear what you’ve been up to lately with Power BI.

Hi @EnterpriseDNA, one of my favorite projects with Power BI, extending over several years now, has been to develop fully interactive revenue and expense analytics for my agency. This includes a rolling 10 full FY plus current FYTD data set (refreshed nightly); business unit and customer revenue analytics; collections analysis including surfacing invoice detail data in a custom tooltip; expense reporting that replicates the exact columns and formulas on the ERP system’s Flexible Period report but with interactivity and near-infinite filtering and slicing capabilites; expense categories exactly matching those used to set up the annual budgets; and CY budget to actual metrics to easily determine budget remaining across any breakdown.


Hello @EnterpriseDNA ntrepriseDNA, I am also working in Finance but willing to embrace alongside the community new technics and way of thinking to bring finance topics easier to follow and understand to bring monitoring & drive of every business in a more efficient way :slight_smile: thanks for all the great initiative i am definitely onboarded.


Hi @jpratt @Julieee299, Thank you for sharing your experiences around Power BI, please don’t hesitate to add more discussion or add value to wherever you think you possess the experience or knowledge that can help others. We appreciate the initiative and your help in this group!

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Strong group here.

Anyone have any interesting data scenarios they are dealing with within the Finance area at the moment?

Markets related?

COVID related?

Add any interesting images or links to things you’ve seen around the web that can add value.


Hi. I wanted to share something that, for me, was a great insight and ‘leap forward’.

We have an investment BI with some 160 stocks from around the world. Each has a different dividend allocation frequency. Each month we track stock prices, dividends per share rates and of course, also log dividends received, yeilds etc. We also track purchases and sales, often of the same stocks. So quite a lot going on…

I already track current dividend per share and compare it to the previous dividend per share (frequencies are bespoke to each stock) - but some dividend allocations also fluctuate, ie 6 months large dividend, 2nd 6 months smaller dividend. So just comparing to the previous dividend was misleading.

So, I created a visual just showing the % change compared to the same period last year, by doing the following:

measure 1 the last declared dividend per share (divided by the frequency) to create a monthly dividend.

measure 2 the same measure, same period previous year

measure 3 - the difference
measure 4 - % changes

And of course, the column chart visual can is filtered by stock type so that we can easily look at groups of stocks or individual ones.

It took me a while to get my head around what I needed to do, but now I have, it’s a mega useful insight.