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Filtering visualisations in Power BI service

Hi everyone,

I have designed a series of PBI Financial reports for different managers in my organization, and have utilized Row Level Security so that each branch manager can only see his own part. The national manager of the organization, however, would like to see and compare the performance of all branch managers and thus wants a filter on the dashboard that would enable him to do drill into the figures of each of the Branch managers. When I say dashboard, I mean the dashboard in a workspace in PowerBi service, where one pins a few visualizations from each of the reports, to give a snapshot of reports (see attachment for dashboard icon). Is it possible to do so?
dashboard icon

Hi @musa.fasih,

Please see this section: Dashboards versus reports for Power BI business users

.Other than that you have the ability to pin live pages

I hope this is helpful

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Hi Melissa,

Thank you for your response. I was already aware of difference between reports and dashboards, but the article of pinning the entire report worked wonders for me. Thanks.