Filtering between two tables

These seems like a very basic question, but no matter how many articles I searched I wasn’t able to find a solution that works.

I have a fact table Deliveries and a dimension table Suppliers.

I want to find the total value of deliveries ‘ie. ‘SUM(Deliveries[AmountNet])’ where there is no GLN value, ie. where Suppliers GLN ‘<> BLANK ()’.

I probably need to work on my basic understanding of DAX …

Welcome to the forum! Please review the CALCULATE function on Sam’s site, as well as his YouTube channel. You formula will need to look something like this:

CALCULATE ( SUM ( Deliveries[AmountNet]), FILTER ( Suppliers, Suppliers[GLN] <> BLANK() ))


Many thanks! I was pretty close before, so great to get this working after dancing around the edges of getting it right. I’ll be sure to now go and study the lessons carefully to build my knowledge of this from there. I appreciate the start.