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Extended DateTable (Power Query M fuction) - Missing a month

Thank you, the table is really powerful.
I copied and pasted the function in Power Query and tried to convert the column “Month & Year”, which is generated automatically, into Date format. It worked fine, except for the month of “March” . I can see that it gives me an error for March only for all the years.
I have a file with Monthly budget data (month and year) and I’m trying to link the DateTable with these dates via TREATAS function. Works fine, but it excludes the month of March.
Can anyone help me on this?
Thank you very much.


Hi @marcoercolani,

Changing the Month & Year column into a date is not the way to go here…

Please explore content in the Budgetting & Forecasting course there you’ll find all you need to know on how to deal with this type of requirement.

I hope this is helpful

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I apologize for the late replay, but was not available before.
I actually followed the “Allocating Detailed Monthly Budgets Or Forecasts In Power BI Using DAX” in the course highlighted by Melissa. Really strange that did not convert into date the month of “March” only. I have solved, creating a new column “concatenating” month name and year and worked.

Thank you very much for your support, really appreciated.