Export Data from Power Query (Private data set)


I would like to know if there any way to export data (and schedule it) from Power Query when your data sources need to be private.

I have tried different methodologies using R and phyton but I have the firewall error as my data is private (it is sales information which can be a huge problem if it leaks).

Thanks in advance for your help on this topic.


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Thanks a million for the welcoming. I already checked the tips… have I done something incorrectly? I am quite new in this world and happy to learn. Could you please direct me to the proper way to ask for help?
Thanks a million for your support and looking forward to learning with your platform.

Hello @Pilarbg, thanks for reviewing the Enterprise DNA Forum guidelines. The forum is the right channel to get the support you need. To get started, please follow the direction on how to start a forum topic or thread to start asking help from our members.