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Evaluating New Customer Sales - Advanced Analytics in Power BI

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I am new to this forum.
Trying ti get help on the customer churning / New customers.

I am trying to identify new customers that haven’t had any sales in 90 days and then graph their sales my month.
So in the data customer C1000 is identified as a new customer on the 4-1-17 now I want to graph their sales moving forward.

Not sure how I do that

I can create a measure to find the new customer but how do I calculate total sales from there on.
new customers sales clay =
VAR CustomerTM = VALUES(Sales[Customer ID])
VAR PriorCustomers = CALCULATETABLE(VALUES(Sales[Customer ID]),
Dates[Date] > MIN(Dates[Date]) - 90 &&
Dates[Date] < MIN(Dates[Date] )))

CALCULATE([Total Sales],