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Error Connecting to Excel file in OneDrive

Dear sir,

I use the web connection to connect to the excel file in onedrive, pasted the URL link (removing ?web=1). But I am getting a error “Unable to Connect, Access to the resource is forbidden”. Please guide how can I solve this problem.

Moreover is there a way to connect to all the files in a folder on onedrive.


there are some useful tips in this thread:

Hi @husainarif You can use One drive for business to connect your report .it is very easy to connect .

Connect to files stored in OneDrive for your Power BI workspace

Thank you

Hi @husainarif , the error is very common and can occur while connecting OneDrive/SharePoint list to Excel or Power BI.

In Excel, click Data > Get Data > Data Source Settings , click Clear all permissions.

2 On the Data tab, click Get Data , choose From Other Sources > From OData Data Feed.

     3. Under  **1. Location of the data feed** , in the  **Link**  box, type the website address (URL) for your Project Web App instance, followed by:  **/_api/ProjectData/** .

     4. When you try to connect your data source, it will allow you to reenter your credential. Select  **Organizational account** , choose the site collection under drop-down,  **Sign in** >  **Connect** .

For reference, please check the following post:

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