Erorr Connecting to PBI Service from Desktop

Anyone else having any issues connecting to the PBI Service from the desktop app? I get this error

Every search brings up that it is a time-zone issue. But triple-checked and my time zone is set correctly. Part of me is thinking this has something to do with a recent windows 10 update, an update that failed repeatedly but then finally was successful.

Using a different computer ( which is also on a different network) with windows 7 and everything works. I’m going to try later at home, which has windows 10, and see if that works. I guess if it works at home then there’s an issue with my windows 10 machine at work or that specific network.

Just wanted to see if anyone else has recently come across this error, or if there are any other ideas.



Nope, no problems connecting today. Done so on two different Windows 10 machines with all current updates run.

Sorry – no ideas on why you’re getting that error. I did see a post where even though the time zone was correct, they went into settings, reselected the correct time zone, rebooted, checked the time zone again, and then that cleared the error.

  • Brian

Yep, tried all of that. Pretty sure it’s something with network since in the Date/Time settings it says that some settings are hidden or managed by your organization.

Oh well, I’m guessing it will work just fine at home with windows 10 and the IT dept at work says nothing they can do. Corporate america efficiency at its finest :roll_eyes:

Thanks for taking time to look though

Well it was actually my BIOS. somehow the bios had the time a week ahead. So once fixed that, all is well.

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