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We’re relaunching the @Energy Ecosystem this month. Everything will be public this month within the forum.

Tell us about:

  • What you’re working on?
  • Something interesting Power BI related to your industry/job role
  • Any relevant challenges you’ve solved recently

This Ecosystems thread is a great opportunity to collaborate with others in community dealing with similar things to you.

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Hi @Energy, @EnergyEcosystem, @djknicely, @llchoong, we aim to consistently improve the Enterprise DNA Ecosystems by upgrading a centralized location of talented Power BI users and analyst with others in similar industries or business functions through the forum. With this, we aim to help you find an avenue where you can collaborate and connect within the forum. Interested to hear what you’ve been up to lately with Power BI.

Recently we had our Oil and Gas member only event where we dived into historical oil drilling output globally.

Was an interesting look at how production has trended over time

Were you able to join?

Plenty of analysis techniques used. Nothing too difficult

I think a lot of the best work happened in the query editor with this development

Staging Queries
Advanced transformations

But ultimately we were able to build a simple model which is what you always want to be trying to do

What else have you been working on?