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Employee Utilization Measure


With some help from you guys Im getting there now and i require one more piece of your help.

I now have the dates and times my employees come in through the gate at work, and the expected working times they are expected to be productive.

What i want to do now is measure the expected productive hours against what they actually clock in the SAP system and measure their utilization percentages. the target is a minimum of 85% per day and i want to show that for each employee in a bar graph.

Expected Hours & Minutes Inside (Measure) = The expected times the should show SAP clocking’s for. for example if they clock 8 hours on that day its 100% utilized if they clock 6.8 hours that’s 85% which is the minimum expected target per day.

Im struggling to get the measure correct from the COOIS table for the actual clocked durations in SAP. i created a measure called COOIS Clocking but doesn’t appear to pick up correctly in the table

I then want to then calculate the utilization using the expected working time / Actual clocking using the measure Utilization %

Strata Staff Utilization.pbix (1.9 MB)

Thanks for all your help


Examining your model, it appears that COOIS[Duration] is a text field, not a numerical or datetime field.

So, you need to change that text value to a number of some type if you’re going to perform a calculation on it.


But in my measure i converted it here but getting no results

COOIS Clocking =
SUMX( COOIS, ‘COOIS’[Duration] *1 ),

Take just the 7th Dec 2020 for Khuloud for example in the table i see she has made 7 clocks on SAP on that day totaling approx 6.5 hours and yet she was suppose to work a 5 hour day according to her shift assignment so she would be around 115% utilized that day which would need investigation.

How can i make that show in this table



@Krays23 Please don’t mind, but there are few things incorrect with what you are doing:

  1. Relationship between Dates and COOIS is incorrect, COOIS[Finished Date] is DateTime and it won’t work
  2. You are slicing by Shift Code which Filters Gate Clocking but your measure works on COOIS

I have created a new column for relationship & Duration:

I have no idea what I have done works or not for you:

Strata Staff Utilization.pbix (1.9 MB)

COOIS Clocking 2 = 
    SUMX ( COOIS, COOIS[DurationCorrected] ),
    CROSSFILTER ( 'Gate Clocking'[Date], Dates[Date], Both )
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HI Antriksh,

Yes many thanks for that, i have managed to convert your measure now to a duration

As i said basically i want to calculate the time in the building (gate clocking’s for that day ) against what each person clocks on (COOIS clocking’s) and get the utilization of that person.

I need that in one table and have placed the measures i need in the tab in the attached PBIX however when i add the expected time in building measure i dont see the right thing i assume the context is wrong could you have a look for me and see if you can get the utilization % measure working?

DNA.pbix (1.9 MB)



@Krays23 In your Utilization % measure you are still referring to [COOIS Clocking] change it to [COOIS Clocking 2]

Utilization % = 
    [Expected Hours & Minutes Inside], 
    [COOIS Clocking 2]

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