Employee Count- Totals Not Working


Currently have a table where I came up with a DAX calculation to come up with #Employees working on any specific job. It is working fine. Multiple Employees = DISTINCTCOUNT(TimeReport[Employee])

The came up with a measure if Job had more than 1 employee working on it, give me first nonblank and it is working fine.
Employee = SWITCH(TRUE(),
[Multiple Employees]=1,FIRSTNONBLANK(TimeReport[Employee],0),
[Multiple Employees]>1,FIRSTNONBLANK(TimeReport[Employee],0),

What Is not working is the totals for the first 5 columns in the data. Need to come up with a formula that will give me the accurate totals for those columns based on the selected Employee from the measure called Employee



I’m a bit confused, are all the totals incorrect for the first 5 columns? What are those formulas if so?

When you say selected measure, I’m not sure what you mean here…you can’t select the measure result and get that to filter other results if that’s what you mean. You would need to slicer on the actual dimension in a slicer or another table.



The totals at the bottom of this table are correct for all the columns, but if I try to put employee into a slicer it gives the incorrect totals. It gives the totals for all of the jobs they worked on, and I want the totals to go off of the last column in this table called Employee.


Oh ok so you just want to totals to be turned of for the Employee column is something is selected in the slicer?

That should be quite easy then.

All you need to do it create some IF logic like this.

IF( ISFILTER( Customer Names column),
Employee Measure,

This should do it