Email from power BI Table

Hi all !
Just wanted to know does anyone on here know how to email content from Power BI Desktop. Like any charts / information tables?
So example:
Say I have a table showing XXX information by employees and sales. I want to email this information out. So send from Power BI Dsktop itself. Is this possible? It would really be so useful for me!



This is not possible directly from Power BI Desktop.

You really have two options.

You can download the data and send it out as a csv file.

Or, you can take a screen shot of an image and send that.

I personally feel a quick screen grab and then pasting an image into an email usually work absolutely fine.


Hi Sam,

Sorry to jump into this question, but i am wondering if its possible to have an automatic process where a report or dashboard can be sent out from Power BI?

Thanks in advance

Kind regards,

Yeap this is exactly what i need.
People/teams always ask for team, if a table or chart/visual can be exported to Excel.

Sam, I think it would be impossible to do your way as we have close to 126 Power BI reports.
All users ask for this.I think will just leave a suggestion on the Power BI community site to see if this can be done.


Yes ok I understand for that many reports yes it is unrealistic.

You have to remember Microsofts business model here though ok.

If they had all this great functionality where anyone could just send out email reports easily to anyone in the business without a license, then they would very hardly have a very good business.

The idea around the Power BI online service is that you have this fantastic distribution mechanism for everyone within an organisation that has a license. You can segment your reports into to easily managed groups and all users just have to log on (via office 365 in most cases) and they can see everything they could ever want to around your internal data.

There is definitely no way to complete this in Power BI desktop.

There is some limited email functionality in the online service at the moment, but my view on it is that this will continue for the reasons mentioned above.

See here for more information on this.

Also there’s is some third party tools that are being developed that may be worth looking into

Hey Sam.
Sure no that makes complete sense. I see what you mean.
I’ve just been surprised as i’ve had a decent chunk of senior partners ask for this functionality.
Lets just hope theres some custom visual that can be made to complete this process! It would seriously be amazing!!

Thanks again