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We’re relaunching the @Education Ecosystem this month. Everything will be public this month within the forum.

Tell us about:

  • What you’re working on?
  • Something interesting Power BI related to your industry/job role
  • Any relevant challenges you’ve solved recently

This Ecosystems thread is a great opportunity to collaborate with others in community dealing with similar things to you.

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Hi @Education, @EducationEcosystem, @jpratt, @AamerMalik, we aim to consistently improve the Enterprise DNA Ecosystems by upgrading a centralized location of talented Power BI users and analyst with others in similar industries or business functions through the forum. With this, we aim to help you find an avenue where you can collaborate and connect within the forum. Interested to hear what you’ve been up to lately with Power BI.

Hi @EnterpriseDNA, while I don’t get anywhere near the time I’d like for working on Power BI reporting given the other business system development work I do, I am about to get into another round of reporting for our regional educational services agency focusing on the following topics: 1) Support case analytics for a ticketing sub-system that I just finished building into a custom audiological services management system; 2) Analytics for a regional cooperative supply purchasing program focusing on customer purchase amount and cost savings, and marketplace vendor metrics; and 3) Program participant demographic analytics for a regional school choice program, combining data gathered from at least 35 school districts. In my “spare” time between now and the end of October :slight_smile:.


Nice on John very interesting project you’re working on.

Anything unique around the data models with these projects?

1 and 3 seems quite different…

The support case analytics should be a much-simplified version of the Transportation call center report I built previously. It will support a lighter-weight (i.e. fewer dimensions, less records) ticketing system. Both items 2 and 3 will involve an all-Excel-sourced set of data using structures I have not used before. In addition, there will be no “master data” that I can pull from a pre-defined source. Both will involve simple aggregates and time intelligence. So both will be an excellent match for all of your course examples that start with Excel, and I am looking forward to digging further into course material for training and ideas as well as using all the data model optimization, measure branching, and other techniques I have learned from you already.


Thank you @sam.mckay for launching this Ecosystem. I am not working on anything related now but i am interested and curious to learn utilizing Power BI for Education.