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EDNA Potential Issues?

Am I the only one that can’t type in the field when the EDNA Bot comes?

Very bizarre. Trying to figure out if this is my laptop or its site related.

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Strange - I’m finding the same thing, but if I go to the dedicated URL, it works fine:

See if that works for you too. I’m looping in @EnterpriseDNA team for awareness.


  • Brian
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I’m getting the same thing :frowning:

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Hello everyone! Thank you for pointing this out.

We’re currently investigating why the Meet EDNA bot in the forum is having issues.

Should you need to utilize the EDNA bot, you can go directly to the PORTAL or Meet EDNA page as they are working perfectly.

Again, we appreciate you guys checking this out.


An update on this- the Meet EDNA bot in the forum is now working.
Let us know should you encounter any more issue. Thanks!

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