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Dynamically filtered bookmarks

I have the below main navigation page. I followed the same presentation as shown in the course:


Clicking on the images will take the user to the report. Each user will have access to their service’s budget data.
Inorder to have this navigation in place, I’ve created bookmarks. But bookmarks are “static” view of page. But I would like to have the bookmark prefiltered to the user’s service.

Are we able to dynamically filter a bookmark? The only way I’ve found to have “links” between the reports is to use bookmarks. If I can’t dynamically filter a bookmark, my other option is find a way to help the user to easily navigate the pages in the PowerBi project. Unfortunately PowerBi does not allow us to insert a link between reports to ease navigation.


Have you looked into using RLS to limit the users to their department? If that’s in place, that’s the only data they’ll get.

True, after I posted, I looked up the RLS option. That will solve my problem I believe, thanks