Dynamic new/old clients revenues based on their 1st time purchase date

Hi Enterprise DNA members,
I am very entry-level PBI users and want to ask your Power BI expertise to solve the following issue.

Can anyone teach me how to assign ‘new/old clients based on their 1st time purchase but then it can dynamically re-define new/old clients depending on the dynamic time range’.

For more information, can you have a look at the attached file?

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NewOld clients & revenues based on dynamic time range (1).xlsx (10.7 KB)


There are number of Videos created by SAM to identify New and Lost Customers. These are available on Enterprise DNA and YouTube. You can go through them to understand how to identify Old and New customers. Sharing one below.

Ankit Jain

Yes that’s right there is a lot of material on this particular topic at Enterprise DNA Online. If you do a search for these videos of all these topics in the forum here you will find all the direct links to course content.

There is even some webinars on this particular topic that have been done historically that go into a much greater detail. Check out some Scenario Method Workshops for this.