Dynamic Measures - Multiple Measures

Hi All,

Was looking at your video on dynamic measures, is it possible to add multiple measures?

Also, is there a way to hide a column when the values or blank or zero?

I have different slicer options for users, but when i don’t select any of them, i want to hide the column! Is this something possible?

Any chance you can upload some sample data and what you would like to see? There’s usually a wrinkle or two in people’s requirements.



Hi Nick,

If i have selection in all three of my measure selection, i get the following view


If i have only 2 of the measures selected and set the 3rd to be blank, i get


Is there a way to hide the 3rd column?

Or is there a way to dynamically add multiple measures with one selection table? you can do that with unpivot dat but mine i spivoted and couldnt do multi select!

I do not believe there is a way to have that hidden automatically. Couple workarounds could be to conditional formatting and set the background color to white. Or just create a bookmark.

Looks like you can vote to see if msft would add that feature


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