Dynamic measure between two dates

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My first time posting here, so hopefully this makes sense.

I am trying to create a dynamic measure that returns the % increase/decrease between the total month to date and the same period during the previous month. For example, I’d like to see the % difference between the sum of operating profit between 1st and 15th September vs 1st and 15th August. I would like this measure to be dynamic, and change as the month progresses. I think the first part of the formula is quite easy to implement using the TotalMTD function - it’s the second part that I’m struggling with.

I’m fully aware that the formula in the attached screenshot might not be anywhere near close to the actual correct one, but could you please let me know how you would structure/code it?

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Take a look at the month-over-month-to-date growth section in SQLBI’s DAX Patterns for Standard Time Related Calculations.

Month-over-month-to-date growth compares a month-to-date at a specific date with the month-to-date at an equivalent date in the previous month.